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Life Coaching, Therapeutical Wilderness Experiences, Burnout Prevention, Yoga, and Endurance Sports

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Team Training

High-energy, memorable team experiences, customized for each client’s needs.

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Motivational Speaker

Energetic, authentic and passionate style of communication ensures audience engagement, entertainment, and value.

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About me

I am an expert at guiding people through transformational moments in life, business and overall wellness, including the colorful and grey intersections of each along the way. My passion is in coaching–in helping people unlock their potential and break through cycles of stress, overload, and inaction.

I deliver on my passion by provided custom-tailored coaching experiences, speaking at corporate events and conferences and showing up for my clients in a way that helps them change their lives.

I also have a love for writing and am the author of 5 coaching books: Flow State Runner, Hill Running: Survive & Thrive, Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks, UltraRunning: A Coach’s Guide, and Running Heavy. My current writing projects include re-imagined children’s fairy tales and a thriller novel

Jeff Grant Author Book Signing Zurich

I’ve been described as having infectious enthusiasm, relentless positive energy, and always a smile to share. Truth is, I’m just thrilled to be alive and to have the chance to pursue my passions on a daily basis. I love helping people improve their lives and offering them tools and insights for thriving in adversity. The more opportunities I have to make new connections and help people awaken and strengthen their Inner Coach’s voice, the happier and more fulfilled I am.

27Years Experience
59Countries Visited
5Books Written
37Most hours run at once

Why work with me?


I draw from yoga, meditation, martial arts, music performance, flow research & many cultures.


I value "reading the room" and adapting to various cultures, personality types, and organizational environments.


My work is driven by my intrinsic love for supporting people.


Corporate management work + extreme sports challenges + yoga + musical performance


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