Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is my passion. I love to help my clients develop a stronger Inner Coach’s Voice, whether that’s in sports, business, or life. I thrive on the quest for unlocking potential and helping people rise up to the highest version of themselves possible.

Over the years, I’ve coached athletes, runners, and triathletes to finish their dream moonshot races and achieve Personal Bests. Even more fulfilling though has been guiding people through transitions and transformations that bring them fulfillment and happiness at a higher level.


Early in my coaching career, my focus was on preparing athletes to reach their goals in extreme endurance events, such as the Marathon des Sables, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Ironman Triathlon and crucible challenges, such as SEALFIT Kokoro. I loved this work and to this day still work with a limited number of athletes each year pursuing these types of epic challenges.

Over time, my coaching work has evolved into supporting people going through addiction and depression treatment programs, as well as those experiencing relationship challenges, career changes and burnout, the stress of international moves, and other major life events.

Coaching Services

This service is most often connected with a client's ongoing therapy work or participation in a treatment or health improvement program. I offer this as a preventative experience as well, especially in relationship to stress and burnout situations. I organize full-day to multi-day outdoors experiences in Switzerland that blend nature activities (hiking, paddling, winter sports, camping, etc.) with immersion in nature, opportunities for expression and conversation, and other custom-designed activities to support the client's treatment and wellbeing.

I work with a limited number of executives, athletes, and motivated transformation seekers each year to support them in achieving race and event finishes, personal bests, and other sports-related goals. These services, which including training plans and online coaching, are described in more detail at my sports coaching site here.

I'm available for coaching calls on a variety of topics, from event preparation to life coaching. More information is available here.

I offer mentoring and life coaching to a small number of clients each year, within Switzerland and abroad. More info is here.