Coaching & Mentoring

This is really about you. That’s why I believe you’re here. I imagine you would like to know if I can help you in some way.

Our work together could occur in many ways and for each, I’d be grateful. Perhaps you find some inspiration in one of my articles, yet we never speak. Or maybe you decide to invest in my year-long transformative coaching program and we work together very closely to bring about massive change in your life. Or perhaps we decide to work together in between those options. We’ll ultimately need to talk to find that out together, but in your quest to see if I might be someone who can be of service to you, I wanted to offer you some insights into who I am, why I’m here and what I offer.

Coaching is my passion. It’s what I was born to do. I thrive on the quest for unlocking potential and helping people rise up to the highest version of themselves possible. It is my life’s calling to coach. My coaching has proven successful over the past decade because I bring my life’s experience into it. I show up with full authenticity and a sincere love for my clients. I’m also exceptionally good at creating and delivering custom-tailored coaching approaches, drawing out the story behind the story, and making transformation a collaborative journey together.

Coaching starts with you. If we have a fit and decide to work together, we will form a powerful team to support you in connecting your actions with your vision.

Jeff Grant Motivational Speaker


If we choose to work together, you are hiring me as your personal coach and mentor to help you accomplish something that is deeply personal for you. For us to succeed together, it requires mutual trust, hard work and open, authentic communications.

This is a big commitment for each of us. I will be there for you not only when you wish to share progress, high points and victories, but more importantly, when you are faced with the toughest struggles and low moments. I will support you in accountability, help you see new paradigms and offer you supporting strength on the journey you seek.

What I ask of you is that you honor your commitment to me and yourself to engage fully, to keep driving forward and to respect a process that requires the sum of many seemingly small actions that will make a big impact for you over time.

Curious to know more?

Coaching Services

Coaching Life, Business & Change

I offer a custom-tailored coaching and mentoring experience to a limited number of clients each year, worldwide. My featured program is a 7-month transformative coaching experience. I deliver both shorter & longer duration coaching options for some clients as well. My coaching is focused on helping my clients uncover transformational insights and see their vision through to conclusion.

In my bespoke programs, we work together either in-person or remotely, based on your location and availability. We will invest our time together in deep, life-altering coaching conversations and practices designed to best resonate with you and create the transformation you seek. I will serve you as a guide and counsel. I will challenge you, motivate you, and above all, work loyally in your corner as your top supporter.

Accountability is the key to successful execution of any plan, especially as most of your actions will take place outside of our sessions. We will be in contact as frequently as your needs require during your custom mentoring program. This varies based on each client's needs. What is the most important is that we put in place an accountability and support system that is effective for YOU.

Ways I've worked with clients in the past:

  • Bucket List Journey
  • Starting, Growing or Selling a Business
  • Relationship Change and Loss
  • Career Change
  • Health and Fitness Transformation
  • Sports Event Preparation
  • Apprenticeship in Coaching / Professional Speaking
  • Self-Confidence, Overcoming Fear, Reconnecting with Self & Others

Selection criteria

  • You genuinely want to be coached and are open-minded to doing whatever it takes to reach your desired target state.
  • You are willing to embrace and value the coaching journey and your development work as much as a desired end state itself.
  • You are in general a positive, growth-oriented person.
  • You are ready and willing to invest in yourself. My fees are value-driven at a level in harmony with the life-changing impact my clients seek.

Is there a fit?

Please reach out by email and let's have a conversation.

My Background

Early in my coaching career, my focus was on preparing athletes to reach their goals in extreme endurance events, such as the Marathon des Sables, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Ironman Triathlon and crucible challenges, such as SEALFIT Kokoro and mountaineering expeditions. I love this type of coaching work and to this day still work with a limited number of athletes each year pursuing these types of epic challenges.

Over time, my coaching work evolved into supporting clients experiencing broader life moments and challenges in business, relationships and growth. My toolkit and experiences have evolved to support individuals going through addiction and depression treatment programs, as well as those experiencing career changes, transitions into coaching, writing and other start-up businesses, the stress of international moves, burnout and other major life events.

My coaching toolkit is built from

  • 3+ decades of overcoming adversity and challenges, starting from transitioning from an overweight and sedentary young adult to decades of completing extreme endurance challenges, building businesses and focusing my energy on work that I’m passionate about
  • Two decades of experience in yoga, visualization and meditation — key mind-body-soul practices linked to managing stress, creating inner stillness, and finding focus
  • 13+ years of full-time coaching experience, supporting a wide variety of individuals with fitness and life transformations, as well as milestone endurance events
  • Combined 10 years experience coaching transformation and mental toughness camps and creating personal development experiences in the outdoors for clients in treatment programs for addiction, depression and other mental health conditions
  • Expertise on the topics of Flow & Overcoming Struggle, driven from years of research to write Flow State Runner as well as experience authoring 4 additional coaching books
  • Experience working in multiple countries and cultures during an 18-year corporate career that included building and coaching multinational teams
  • Committed to continuous growth and improvement as a student of high-performers and client of highly successful coaches and mentors in business, sports, mind training and meditation and music. This includes numerous courses and certifications over a 30-year career, as well as advanced university degrees.

I help people do hard things–like truly believe in themselves. I also support my clients in addressing …

  • Stress and overload
  • Career changes
  • Feeling stuck /low motivation
  • Overweight / fitness needs
  • Relationship challenges
  • Launching a business
  • Writing a book
  • International moves
  • Transitioning into the coaching profession
  • Finding your voice
  • Moonshot sports & fitness challenges
  • Bucket List projects around major birthdays & life events